Industry Key Player Research

Industry Key Player (Potential Partner/Competitor) Research

Fourth element in Market Entry Strategy is to understand your potential partners and competitors in the target industry. Identifying the key players in the market plays an important role when developing your market entry and further penetration strategies. It is as important as to know who your competitor(s) would be, to know who your potential distributors (partners) would be.
In this stage, you will be able to understand the market information on the following area.
(Custom-made research is also available for some industries. Please ask for details)

List up potential partner companies

- Identify potential distributors for your products/services (approx. 20 companies) with brief company info (product lines, business partners, sales figures, etc.).

Contact potential partners (listed above) (*OPTIONAL)

-Industry overview (*mainly of domestic market)

List up competitor companies

- Identify potential competitors for your products/services with brief company info (product lines, business partners, sales figures, etc.)

Interview industry experts

- Conduct industry expert interviews in order to fully understanding potential partners and competitors (their reputations, positioning within the industry , etc.)


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