Sales Channel (Storefront) Research

Sales Channel (Storefront) Research

Second element in Market Entry Strategy is to understand the business structure (sales channel) of the target industry, by researching the product, the sellers, the stores, the price, etc.
In this stage, you will be able to understand the market information on the following area.
(Custom-made research is also available for some industries. Please ask for details)

Types of retail stores where target products/services are sold in the market

- dentify retail stores that carry target products by listing up those stores

Sales channel structure

- Identify the typical structure of sales channel(s) available. (cf. wholesaler, retail stores,etc.)

Detailed competitor products/services by Storefront research

- Investigate product name, prices, etc. by conducting storefront research.

Storefront Interview

- Interview industry experts, store staffs and consumers, regarding products, sales trend, etc.

Sales Channerl Development, Fulfillment

"Sales channel development" could be done in two ways.
One is to establish a corporate entity of your own in a target country, and operate on your own. The other way is to establish a partnership with a company (typically, a distributor, importer, etc.) already doing business in a target country.
Either way, it is always important to "glocalize (globalize + localize)" your products and services to match the culture in a target country and to operate business with a reliculture in a target country and to operate business with a reliable partner (as much as possible).

Sales agent

- Hello global will act on behalf of your company as your "Asia Liaison Office" and negotiate with local distributors, retailers etc.

Operational support

- Documentation support involved in your market entry project (Establishment of a corporate entity in a target country, Visa application support, trade license (import/export), etc.)

Translation, Interpretation, Business trip support (appointment arrangement, etc.)

- Create professional presentation in a target language.
– Presentations are better not to be a "literal translation". Hello global believes that it needs deeper understandings of not only the language, but also the local business culture and other local business factors in order to create attractive, professional presentation.
– When you need support for your business trip to Asian countries, Hello global can support you by providing interpreter(s) for business meetings, translation of documents, and arranging appointments with your potential future partners in target Asian countries.


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